Project Description



Is your conservatory too hot during the summer?

Is the sun glaring on the TV screen ?

Do you worry about sunlight fading your furniture?

If you experienced any of these issues, residential window tints could be an ideal solution for your home.

Most modern homes are built with element added that are specially designed to let as much atrial light into the property as possible, conservatories, orangeries, patio doors, french doors, skylights, large windows, etc. This is great, however it can cause some issues. Lots of direct sunlight streaming in can cause glare, making sitting in certain locations of a home uncomfortable, it can also make TV viewing difficult.

In terms of heat, large glazed areas can let a lot of heat out and also let a lot of heat in. A window tint film can help to limit this. The window tint films are specially formulated to reduce heat transference, in basic terms this means that during the summer the tint will help to keep rooms cooler, and in winter the window tint films can help to trap heat in a room, not letting it leak out through the glass.

Another key feature of window tint film is their ability to limit the transference of UV rays. This feature is incredibly useful for residential window tints, the blocking of UV rays will help to reduce UV fade on furniture, carpets, flooring and other decor inside a home. An invaluable bonus that could save thousands over just a few years.