Project Description


Need more privacy in your office?

Do staff complain about sun glare effecting their ability to work?

Would you like more control over the temperature of your office space?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, commercial window tints could be very useful to you.

As a window tint, the commercial window tinting can add extra privacy to office spaces, workshops, retail spaces, etc. The commercial window tint films are available in a large range of different gradings, allowing small or large amounts of light transference to be added.
The benefits of commercial and residential window tint films is that they are available in a variety of colour/tones, meaning adding high levels of privacy to a window, doesn’t mean it is simply blacked out.

Commercial window tints allow you to have more control over the temperatures within your office/workspace. The properties of window tint films limit the transference of heat through it. In basic terms the film will stop heat entering in hot months and stop heat leaving in cold months. Resulting in a more temperature controlled environment within the workspace, that can also help to save on the costs of Air Conditioning and heating.

A key reason to add window tint film to your workspace is the benefits it can have to employee comfort. Solar tint flames offer reductions in glare, glare can be a major cause of office based sick leave. Eye-strain can be caused by looking at computer screens that are effected by excessive sunlight or glare, commercial window tints help to reduce this greatly.