Project Description


Would you like more privacy inside your car?

Looking to add some more style?

Frustrated by sun glare?

If you have experienced the problems above, automotive tinting can be the solution.

Car tints offer great levels of privacy for drivers and passengers. Manchester Tints always keep stock of a range of automotive tint shades to give our clients to requested level of privacy tint.
The darker the tint, the more privacy it will offer; however a medium level tint can offer generous levels of added privacy without being too dark.

Automotive window tint shades are graded in light transference percentages or light emission percentages. The darkest car tints films are commonly known as Limo (limousine) tint and are around 5% transference, meaning they allow approx. 5% of light through the tint film. This would be equal to a 95% light emission tint, which reduced light by 95%.
The most popular tint shades are:

• 5% light transference / 95% light emission
• 20% light transference / 80% light emission
• 50% light transference / 50% light emission

Car tints aren’t just for adding privacy, they are most popular for their ability to instantly add an additional level of style to a car. Giving your car a personalised touch, that is more sporty and refined.
Automotive tinting can also help adding more comfort to a car for its driver and passengers. The tint films can help to limit sun glare, control heat transference through glass and knock out UV rays.