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In addition to automotive window tinting we also offer a complete range of commercial window tinting products. Our commercial window tints can add privacy, improve the aesthetic of a building, manage office temperatures and even lower sickness rates. All our installers are professionally trained and can add window films to almost any window. At Manchester Tints we only use the highest grades of window films to ensure high quality fit & finishes that will last for the materials 10+ year life.

Because our installers are professionally trained and we only use the highest grade films we can offer all window tint/film installs with a 10 year warranty. This warranty guarantees against any fading of the tint, peeling, bubbling or shrinkage.



Your office or commercial property can benefit from having window tints installed in so many ways.

Is sunlight causing glare on your computer screens?

A solar window film can greatly reduce sunlight glare on screens (a primary cause of eyestrain), increasing productivity as well as potentially reducing sickness rates.

Are you struggling to regulate office temperatures during the summer?

Our window films can help to average out indoor temperatures by limiting heat transmission through the glass, so during the summer less heat can transfer into the building and during the winter months the window films insulation properties limit the amount of heat that can transfer out through the glass.


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The window tint films we use are available in a large range of sizes so we are able to undertake both small & large projects from single office partitions to full office floors, extending even to full buildings.

Window tint film installations are undertaken by our professional staff and can be carried out at specified times to limit any possible disruption to normal day to day office operations. Weekends and after hours work can be specified to fit best to your office schedule. Most window tint film installations will require a site survey to measure up the windows as well as check them over for any issues (access equipment, existing tint or graphics, etc).


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Key Features of our Commercial Window Tints

  • Variety of tint shades/strengths available ranging from 15% visible light transmission up to 65%
  • Safety films help limit potential dangers of glass fragments if the glass is damaged/smashed.
  • Privacy can be added to your office windows easily either by adding a dark tint to the glass or including a reflective finish.
  • Tinted windows can still be branded with window manifestations.
  • Our window tint film has a scratch resistant coating so can be cleaned the same as a normal window.
  • Colour window tint films available (black, silver, gold, bronze, mirror, etc)
  • Protect office equipment and furniture from premature fading due to UV. Our window films reject 99% of UV rays.


Bomb proofing window films

Should your office be located in a city centre or a government building having a bomb blast resistant window film fitted should be something to consider. During explosions or accidents in city centres the vast majority of injuries are caused by glass fragments dispersing from damaged windows. Our bomb blast window films can reduce the risk of flying glass by strongly adhering to the glass and keeping it as one piece when/if it is broken. Bomb blast window films are much thicker than normal window films and can be specified in certain thicknesses dependent on the amount of risk expected.

Bomb blast window films can withstand both direct impacts as well as shockwaves.

The increased safety features of bomb blast window films can also allow business to quickly continue if the window if damaged.


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We are based in Manchester so can install window films to offices and commercial properties throughout the North West however if the project if large enough we can undertake almost any window tint job throughout the UK.